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Thank you for taking the time to fill in all the information requested below. This will assist us in understanding your Web site development needs.

The more information you complete, the more accurate the quote.

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We only develop custom web sites with individuals, businesses or organizations located in the United States.

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Requestor Information:
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Goals of Site:
11. What do you want to accomplish with your web site: (please check all that apply) Promote image of endeavor.
Gain prospective clients.
Directly sell products.
Make initial contact with public.
Provide catalog of products/price lists.
12. Give details for 'Other':
13. Why would you want visitors to contact you: (please check all that apply) Place Order.
Obtain Product Information.
Gather needs of visitor/customer.
14. Give details for 'Other':
15. What type of pages would you like on your site?: (please check all that apply) About US.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
Services You Provide Listing.
Products Listing.
Order Form.
Contact Us (not a whole page).
Artwork and 'The Look'
16. Do you already have a logo? (Y/N): Yes
17. Do you have a preference for a FONT style?:
18. Do you already have a color scheme? (Y/N): Yes
19. Do you already have artwork? (Y/N): Yes
20. Please provide any letterhead, brochure or other style information.
**Only artwork that you own or have permission to use will be included in your site. Either provide the artwork or it can be purchased from stock photos.
21. For each photograph or other graphic, please provide a caption and note which page it belongs on. Preferred method for providing artwork: JPEG or GIF files. These can be 'zipped' and e-mailed or on a floppy, zip disk or CD. These must be in PC format (not MAC).
22. Who has the trademarks or services marks for any artwork you provide: Please list the artwork, and the ownership of each.

23. Please List Web Sites You especially like the way they look: (This will help us determine the style you desire).

24. Please List Web Sites You DO NOT like the way they look : (This will help us determine the style you do not want).

Site Specs:
25. Are You Already Hosted? (Y/N): Yes
26. If you are already hosted, what is your domain name?
27. If you are not already hosted and do not have a domain name, please list your first 3 favorite choices.

** We will work with your web hosting company to get this set up.
28. Target Date for Web Site Deployment:
29. Would you like search capability within your site?: Yes
30. Think of key words that describe items or areas of specialty for you. These would be words that a potential visitor might ask for when using a search engine.
31. *** For each page, you will need to provide the text in it's final form. This can be sent as an e-mail or a word document.
Comments and Notes
32. Please Enter Any Comments or Requests:
33. I agree that the information I provided above is consistent with my desires for development of a web site. I agree that this information will be used as the starting point for this project. Please provide me with an estimate of what this project will cost.
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